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About Us

Abundant mineral deposits

Granite Quarry in Nigeria

HENGJI MINING is known as the largest granite manufacturer of New Emerald Pearl Granite in Nigeria. We are exceptionally proud to mine our unique granite stone from our quarry located in Abuja.

Our three granite plants, one in Nigeria and two in China, are fully equipped with the latest modern cutting & polishing technology, have the capability of mass production with unsurpassed quality, exceeding international standards for the supply of African granite slabs to the industry.

Ship from the factory in China or nigeria

The secret of our success is that we are focused on the field we are really good at. We only supply the granite products directly from our quarry and manufactured by our own factories.

We can ship all kinds of our granite products, such as slabs, counter-tops, tiles, blocks, from China or Nigeria.

Finishes available: Polished, honed, flamed, leathered and antique.

factory building